Sun Oct 11

Starring Stephanie Levi-John as ‘Lina’, part 2 of THE SPANISH PRINCESS is now out on Starz.

The character of Catalina “Lina” de Cardonnes is based on a real person. She served as Catherine of Aragon’s lady-in-waiting for 26 years, weathering the many years Catherine spent cast-aside and destitute.

The new season opens with Catherine and Henry thriving in a Camelot of their own making: settled on the throne, with the joy of a newborn son and a burgeoning alliance with Spain thanks to Catherine’s father. But family tragedy and political betrayal threaten their happy ending, and Catherine rushes to repair the damage before it shatters her future. Catherine’s inability to give birth to a living heir to the British throne plays an integral role in her demise. It also drives a wedge between herself and her greatest ally, her beloved lady-in-waiting Lina.

In season 1, Lina falls in love with a soldier in Catherine’s retinue named Oviedo. In the finale, Oviedo is falsely accused of stealing a prayer book. Before his execution, the guards allow Lina and Oviedo to marry. Fortunately, as Oviedo’s sentence is being carried out, Henry (who has just become king) steps in and calls it off.

While the encounter challenges at court, Lina and Oviedo are also building a life for themselves in London, where they are raising a family.

Lina and Oviedo will also face challenges as immigrants trying to build a life in England. Season 2 will “explore the pressures that they face at key moments in history, one of those being the gradual resentment of people [toward] foreigners, not people of colour, but just people who were not English trading and living in England”.

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