Mon Sep 9

USA Today’s list of the top 8 movies at the Toronto International Film Festival features an incredible 3 films starring Shepherd Management clients. THE SOUND OF METAL, with Olivia Cooke, comes out top, with HONEY BOY, starring Noah Jupe, at 5, and THE PERSONAL HISTORY OF DAVID COPPERFIELD, in which Jairaj Varsani plays the young David Copperfield, comes in at 8.

THE SOUND OF METAL: ‘This one rocks unlike everything else at the festival. With an awesome use of sound design, director Darius Marder lets an audience experience what it’s like for a hard-rock drummer (Riz Ahmed) to lose his hearing after being exposed to constant noise. The musician is forced to confront being suddenly deaf, what it means for his relationship with his girlfriend/bandmate (Olivia Cooke) and how he needs to cope to maintain a not revert to previous addictions…the film itself is profound, innovative, heartbreaking, uplifting and even a little breathtaking.’

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