Thu Sep 10

The next instalment of THE SPANISH PRINCESS, starring Stephanie Levi-John as ‘Lina de Cardonnes’, has released its brand new trailer.

As season 2 opens, Catherine seemingly has everything she wants: a kingdom, a crown, and the affection of the man she loves. Of course, we all know where her story ends, divorced from Henry after 22 years of marriage and with her beloved Catholic Church overthrown.

But there are still years of storytelling between Catherine’s coronation and the demise of her marriage. Years that see her having a daughter with Henry, suffering through numerous miscarriages, and going to war. And above all, trying to maintain the lie that she was still a virgin when she married Harry. All of which helps makes up the storytelling of the highly anticipated second season for The Spanish Princess, which will return to Starz 11th October.

Showrunners Emma Frost and Matthew Graham said of Stephanie’s character ‘Lina’:

‘Lina and Catherine’s relationship will come under pressure in the way that modern women’s relationships do sometimes when one person has something that the other person desperately wants. Lina and Oviedo are our moral heart of the show. Oviedo will rise in the court. He will be noticed by Henry, and his status improves and increases. He becomes part of Henry’s inner circle. For a while.’

‘We’re following Lina and Oviedo into the life they’re making for themselves in London, raising a family. It gives us a chance to explore the pressures that they face at key moments in history, one of those being the gradual resentment of people [toward] foreigners, not people of color, but just people who were not English trading and living in England. They gave us an opportunity to write interesting parallels about immigration and Brexit.’

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