Mon Jun 1

Max Bowden, who plays ‘Ben Mitchell’, has shared a special message about tonight’s episode of EASTENDERS.

Tonight’s episode will be told from Ben Mitchell’s perspective as he undertakes a dodgy job that puts his life at serious risk. Viewers will experience limited audio levels and on-screen subtitles showing words and fractured sentences to reflect Ben’s hearing difficulties and some of the realities of being a deaf person in the UK today.

Max said: ‘Tonight’s episode is a really big one for Ben — but for me personally, as well.’ ‘EastEnders has never done anything like this before — focusing on something that is very underrepresented in the TV world.’ ‘I would really appreciate you guys checking it out tonight, and giving us loads of feedback — letting us know what you think about it. And take the time to enjoy it and think about why we’re doing it.’ ‘It’s for a really, really great reason. We need to tell this story.’ ‘Enjoy!’

There’s conflict aplenty for Ben tonight, as he prepares for a dodgy job with Phil, but there’s plenty of other things on his mind, as he oversees an intimate moment between Peter Beale and Lola Pearce. As things progress, he ends up heading to the location of the dodgy job, and things spiral out of control as a result.

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