Christina Shepherd Advertising

Christina Shepherd Advertising (CSA) is the commercial division of Shepherd Management, specialising in all areas of advertising and PR – including TV & cinema commercials, campaigns and celebrity endorsements both for the UK and worldwide markets.

It is managed by our commercials’ agent, Karen Hough who, with over 25 years experience in the business, is widely respected by both casting directors and producers alike for her friendly, approachable, knowledgeable manner – and her fair (but firm) approach to negotiation.

CSA represents all of Shepherd Management artists for advertising work, but also operates as a separate commercials’ agency – representing other artists specifically in this area of the business.

If you wish submit your details for consideration by CSA then please send photo and CV, via email, to the following address: csa@shepherdmanagement.co.uk

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A Selection of Clients' Work

Hannah van der Westhuysen - American Express

Dan Connolly - REMA 1000 (Norway)

Kerstin Francis & Oliver Birch - JARLSBERG (Norway)

Louise Kempton & Henry Miller - VERISIGN

Yuri Buzzi - HARIBO (France)

Chris Thatcher - STAATSLOTERIJ (Netherlands)

Jack Wilkinson & Amy McCallum - CITYA (France)

Francis Magee - PLAYSTATION (USA)

Hannah van der Westhuysen - NS Railways (Netherlands)

Robert McCafferty - EVE MATTRESSES (UK)

Kerstin Francis & Douglas Rankine - PLUS SUPERMARKET (Netherlands)

Isabella Pappas - BT (UK)