Mon Oct 26

Comedy drama series BLASTS FROM THE PAST with Patrick Martins is a comedy drama series starts today and runs all week at 4pm on RTÉ2. The six-part series has a double-whammy on Friday to finish off the week.

The show features an ordinary teenager with an extraordinary ability to jump in time through Irish history to return important missing items to their rightful place and time.

As you can imagine there are plenty of fun characters along the way, and a rap battle at the end of each show!

In Episode One we meet the Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley who is in a bit of bother with the another Queen keen to throw her in jail.

In Episode Two there is a major production issue with the Book of Kells. There were no shops back then so, when the monks’ quills go missing there is a big panic.

We go back to the 1916 Rising in Episode Three and meet Rosie Hackett. She is the person charged with printing the Proclamation of Independence for Padraig Pearse to read out on Easter Monday 1916 in front of the GPO but there is a snag…

On Thursday we go even further back in time to meet the Patron Saint of Ireland – it’s the original Paddy himself. Long before there were any parades he was going about his duty of banishing the snakes from the country, but something has gone missing.

The new series finishes on Friday with two shows on the same day. In a special 3.30pm slot we are sailing across the ocean with Annie Moore who was to be the first immigrant to be allowed enter the USA through Ellis Island. But, as ever, there is a hitch and very important document needs to be found

In the final episode of Blasts From The Past at the usual time of 4pm on RTÉ2, Ireland’s great explorer Tom Crean has lost his compass and needs Emily’s help to save him and his friend from potential disaster in the freezing Antarctic.

You will also be able to catch up on RTÉ Player.

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